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Why You Should Avoid Automatic Car Washes

I can give you at least 3 reasons why you should avoid these drive through car washes.

  1. They scratch your vehicle! - You can guarantee that you will leave the car wash with a new set of swirls. Unless the side brushes are made of microfibers (which they aren't), your car paint will get swirls and abrasions from going through these tunnels. You see, unless the side brushes/floppy brushes are thoroughly cleaned, your vehicle is being "washed" with the last car's dirt and grime - and the car before then, and then car before then.... This in turn, causes micro-scratches called swirl marks.

  2. They don't really clean your vehicle! - If you look closely, your vehicle is not really being washed. It's more like the dirt is just being... relocated. No, seriously. Next time you take your vehicle through the tunnel, look towards the bottom, look at your tires, look at the edges of your rear, look in between the side mirrors and side panels. There are many areas of your vehicle where the dirt and grime have either been missed or pushed into.

  3. That pressured water is rubbing the dirt into your paint! - The dirt left behind is now being rubbed into your clear coat by the pressurized water, again causing swirl marks. With time and many continuous washes, these swirls will become more obvious causing the vehicle to lose its shine.

If you really care for your vehicle and want to preserve your investment, find a reputable detailer in your area to help you maintain your vehicle and keep it in pristine condition.

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